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Every year, each class votes for two pupils to become class representatives for the school's Eco-council. The Eco-council is responsible for planning initiatives to help the school become more environmentally friendly and delivering assemblies to the whole school to promote these. Their work is closely linked to the Forest school lessons.


Here at St Nicholas we wanted to use our school grounds not merely as a space that children can burn off energy, but as a space that can be used to cultivate meaningful experiences for positive lifelong impacts. In September 2019 we introduced our Forest School lessons. These lessons offer our pupils regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a natural environment, as part of their overall education.

Our Forest School sets learning in a different context for children where they can undertake a range of practical activities based on exploration and discovery. Not only can this improve physical health, this style of learning is beneficial to the mental and emotional wellbeing of pupils, particularly of those who struggle in a classroom environment. Children are able to learn important skills like problem solving, team-work and communication as well as expressing themselves creatively and building upon their health and fitness. It is an opportunity for pupils to develop aspiration for themselves and our school grounds (observed in Autumn 2019 when pupils designed and built a bug hotel in our wildlife area).

By encouraging, engaging and motivating children through positive outdoor experiences, we hope that they can take their new-found confidence and independence into school and other areas of their lives.


The Health Champions are a group of Year 5 and 6 pupils who are responsible for planning and organising sporting and well-being events for the whole school. Last year we re branded our Sports Council as Health Champions to recognise that our physical and mental health are equally as important and the significant impact physical activity has on our mental well-being. The Health Champions are responsible for organising our whole school daily morning exercise, for example 'wake up shake up' dance routines or a daily mile run. They are also responsible for promoting special well-being events and inter-house competitions..




 Every year, each class votes for two pupils to become class representatives for the school council. The school council meets to discuss whole school issues such as our anti-bullying focus days and school charity work. They plan and deliver assemblies to the whole school and help to organise charity events. As our school house groups are named after the UK Patron Saints, the school council is also responsible for promoting the Saints days throughout the year.

Celebrating Diversity - Anti-Bullying


The worship group is comprised of Year 6 pupils who are responsible for planning and leading special services that take place in St Nicholas Church throughout the year ,and helping with acts of worship in school as well. They are also involved with promoting key religious events and saints days through planning and delivering assemblies to the whole school.