Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011. Schools are allocated funding for children from low-income families who are eligible for free school meals, looked after children and those from families with parents in the Armed Forces. From April 2012 the Pupil Premium was extended to include children who had been eligible for free school meals at any point in the last six years (FSM 'Ever 6').

Schools will have the freedom to spend the Premium, which is additional to the underlying schools budget, in a way they think will best support the raising of attainment for the most vulnerable pupils.

We encourage parents to register their child as eligible for FSM so that each school receives their maximum Pupil Premium entitlement.

Schools are required from September 2012 to make a report on-line as to how they have used the Pupil Premium and the impact it has had on pupil attainment and progress. Whilst the DfE is clear that this information must be published on-line there is no specific advice about how schools should report on the use and impact of Pupil Premium.

During inspections particular attention will be given to how schools are using pupil premium and the impact it is having on pupil attainment and progress.


DATE OF NEXT REVIEW : Our Pupil Premium Strategy is reviewed each year in July.