Our Vision & Aims

Proverbs 22:6 Teach children how they should live, and they will remember it all their life.


  • enable children to have an understanding and appreciation of people of all faiths
  • enable all children to explore Christian faith, experiencing collective worship, prayer and serving others
  • embed Christian stories related to our school and (British) values and building learning power


  • provide quality ICT and digital learning resources for all staff and pupils with robust technician support
  • ensure all children in our school will have access to reliable and robust ICT resources and they will use them confidently across the curriculum, in preparation for a technological future in the work place and at home. The use of ICT will enhance and extend children’s learning across the whole curriculum whilst developing motivation and social skills.
  • A curriculum which inspires pupils to progress and achieve high standards (which exceed national expectations?)
  • To enhance the external environment and use the outdoors to maximise learning opportunities


  • be a place of excellence where children can achieve their full potential in their academic, creative, personal, physical, moral and spiritual development
  • to develop creative and inquisitive learners who are prepared for lifelong learning
  • aim for exemplary standards of behaviour and high levels of attendance


  • be highly regarded within the community with strong links with the church and the wider world
  • embed succession planning within the Governing Body and maximise each other’s skills
  • encourage staff, children, parents and carers, church and the local community to work together in partnership

The aims of our Primary School are to...

... develop children's moral values and spiritual awareness based upon the Christian faith.
... encourage and foster positive relationships based on honesty, respect and tolerance.
... make children feel safe and valued.
... create a welcoming, caring community that provides positive support to all those involved in the school.
... provide a secure, happy and stimulating learning environment.
... encourage and nurture a sense of enjoyment and lifelong love of learning.
... develop intellectual, creative and physical skills to their full potential.
... create independent and enquiring learners who are prepared to take risks in their pursuit for
    continuous improvement.
... develop pupil's self esteem by valuing each person's individuality.
... develop pupil's responsibility for their own actions.
... encourage pupils to assume responsibility so that we are all leaders.
... achieve the highest possible standards in teaching, in learning and in achievement.
... work in partnership with parents, the Parish and the community.