Update - Return to School in September

Dear Parents/ Carers,


As we come to the end of what has been a very difficult school year for everyone, I am sure lots of parents and pupils are wondering about class arrangements for September. 


We have a lot of new information and guidance to process and are currently still awaiting further guidance from the local authority. With the whole school coming back in September, I am sure that you can understand, there is an awful lot of planning to be done to ensure that we all stay as safe as possible. The safety measures we must put in place will have an affect on the school timetable and staffing arrangements but we do intend for all children to be able to return to school full time.


I am eager to share our plans with families as soon as possible. This is likely to be towards the end of July, so that we can put the time and focus needed into ensuring we have planned effectively for a smooth return to school.


I look forward to welcoming back all children to St. Nicholas in September.


Kind Regards,


Mrs Johnston-Grant