September 2020 Updates for Parents

September 2020 Letter for Parents.pdf

Dear Parents/ Carers,


Thank you for your patience and allowing us time to finalise our plans for September. Due to exceptional staff shortages and COVID, the last few months have been challenging, but I am excited to be welcoming everyone back this September. This letter will outline our plans and the class and staffing arrangements.


I am pleased to inform you that this year we have established an Early Years Unit (EYU) for Nursery and Reception children from September 2020. The unit can offer up to 30 hours a week for a limited number of places for school aged nursery children. This year, Beech class will be purely year 1 children and Fir class will be purely year 2. We will continue to have three mixed aged classes in the juniors.


We are expecting all children from Year 1-Year 6 back at school from Wednesday 2nd September. As is usual, Nursery and reception will receive a separate letter, detailing further information about their phased and staggered start.





Teaching Assistants

Ash (Early Years Unit- EYU- for Nursery and Reception)

Mrs Johnston-Grant

Miss Wilson

Mrs Ismaili

Mrs Middleton

Beech (Year 1)

Miss Madeley

Mrs Legg

Miss Godber

Fir (Year 2)

Miss Bourke

Mrs Gardner

Oak (Year 3/4)

Miss Wheater

Mrs Hollis

Sycamore (Year 4/5)

Mrs Knight

Miss Wilson

Miss Jacobs

Willow (Year 5/6) 

Miss Matley

Mrs Braungart


Children in Year 4 and 5 will receive a separate email after this, to let you know which KS2 class they are in.  


As we have been unable to set up the usual transition mornings for KS1 and KS2, we will arrange zoom meetings for these children to meet their new teachers and classmates during the summer holidays. The dates, times and links to these meetings will be emailed to parents once the details have been finalised.


Start and Finish Times

In line with government guidance, we are staggering the Early Years Unit (EYU), KS1 and KS2 break and lunch times to minimise the contact between different groups. This means that we are going to need to make adjustments to our daily timetable. Our start and end times for Key Stage 1 and Early Years, are going to need to change to ensure that no learning is missed and to maximise learning for those year groups throughout the day.


The ‘normal non -COVID‘ Reception to year 6 school day would begin with doors opening between 8:45 and 9am. The school day ends at 3:15pm. The ‘normal non-COVID’ Nursery full day would begin with doors opening  at 8:45 and being collected at 2.45pm.



Morning Drop-off Period

Collection Time




(Please email the office if you would like to extend this to 3:00pm, as this will incur an additional charge)

Reception & KS1

Ash (Reception)

Beech (Year 1) 

Fir (Year 2)

Anytime between 




Oak (Year 3/4)

Sycamore (Year 4/5)

Willow ( Year 5/6)

Anytime between

8:45am -9:00am



Drop-off and Collection


Drop-off and collection procedures also need to be adjusted to minimise the contact between children and adults. 


During the COVID closure period, we have been operating a one-way system on the playground which has worked well and is going to continue in September. Parents must enter the school playground via the church gate and exit via the gravel path. We realise this may be inconvenient for some families, however we must continue to minimise any unnecessary contact between families and different groups of children.


Especially during the first week, there will be additional members of staff on the playground during these times to assist children with these new drop off procedures. Please keep your distance from staff and respect the need to keep them and you safe. 


We currently cannot allow parents/ carers to drop off KS1 & KS2 children at the classroom doors and ask that any communication with class teachers continues to be via class dojo (new children to the school will have an account set up in September). Teachers will check this at the end of the school day and before the children arrive at school in the morning, so any information you feel your child’s class teacher needs to know should be messaged on dojo before that time. Equally, teachers will message parents on dojo or phone directly if more appropriate. If you need to communicate with the school at any other time or if it is urgent, please continue to email, text or call the office. Please do not come into the school office unless previously arranged or in an emergency, as we must continue to limit unnecessary contact. 


Drop off Procedure

Collection Procedure

Ash (Nursery)


Parents access EY playground through the grass play area and remain socially distanced from each other. Please ensure you are careful to distance from other families as you leave.



Parents pick up from the school office if collecting at this time, unless you have paid for an extended session.




Parents access EY playground through the grass play area and remain socially distanced from each other. Please ensure you are careful to distance from other families as you leave.


Parents access the EY playground through the grass play area. Please wait in the playground area, socially distanced from other parents, and wait for staff to send your child to you


(Year 1)


Parents can leave children at the drop off point, behind the logs on the playground and watch their child enter the classroom door. 

At all times, please be mindful of other families and be patient if you have to wait at all.



Parents stand behind the logs at the drop off point and staff will send children out to parents.


(Year 2)


(Year 3/4)


Parents can leave children at the drop off point, behind the logs on the playground and watch their child enter the classroom door.

At all times, please be mindful of other families and be patient if you have to wait at all.


Parents stand behind the logs at the drop off point and staff will send children out to parents.

Sycamore (Year 4/5)


(Year 5/6)


Children can enter their usual classroom door via the ramp or the stairs. Parents should remain on the lower playground and please do not block these access points for other children.


Parents stand on the lower playground and staff will send children out to them.


Children must stay with their parents until their classroom door is opened and can go inside. Please ensure that the children do not go off on their own or play with others.

Parents with children in both key stages should arrive as close to 8:45 as possible, to minimise their waiting time on the playground.

If you would like your Year 5 or Year 6 child to come to school or go home on their own, please complete the walk to school agreement form which is available on the school website. 

If using public transport please wear face masks and use hand sanitiser before and afterwards. Please ensure all face masks are placed in a sealed bag after use.


Unsettled children

If your child is unsettled and finding it difficult to come into class, please sit at the benches by the playshed, at the back of the playground to wait for other parents and children to leave. A member of staff will support you and your child once the playground is quieter. We will support children on an individual basis if they are struggling to return to school.


The School Day

We will be teaching the full curriculum again in September, ensuring that we cover any objectives that the children may have missed and supporting their emotional needs after such a difficult time. However, the day will look slightly different for the children. As previously mentioned, the EYU and KS1 will have a separate break time and lunchtime to KS2. We will be unable to have collective worship together but will continue to have class-based worship every day. As yet, we have not had confirmation regarding school swimming in the Autumn term. In order to teach our curriculum fully, KS2 will continue to be taught both in their tree classes and in year groups for certain subjects. We will follow government guidelines and implement suggested safety measures, to minimise unnecessary contact between bubbles and maintain high levels of hygiene at all times. 


Breakfast Club

As it would be impossible to avoid prolonged close contact between multiple groups of children, we are unable to currently run our breakfast club. We understand this may significantly affect some families who use this service, but at this time we are unable to mitigate the risks to children, staff and families. 


If you would be interested in using breakfast club provision, please email the office asap so that we can collate names into a waiting list, and maybe later on in the term, we may be able to introduce some version of breakfast club provision again, with limited numbers.


Coats & Bags

Children will be able to bring in coats and bags into school again, but must ensure that they only bring in the essentials, no toys or unnecessary belongings from home.


Pencil Cases

Children in KS1 and KS2 will be able to bring in one pencil case with essentials such as pencils, a few colouring pencils & felt tips, sharpeners and glue sticks. Please ensure they do not bring in compasses, tippex, scissors or biro pens. If children do not have a pencil case or equipment, school will provide these. Once these pencil cases are in school, the children will not be able to take them home due to our increased safety measures.


Water bottles

Please ensure that all children come into school with a water bottle as we cannot use the shared water fountains.


School Uniform

An updated school uniform order form will be available on the school website shortly. Orders can be placed via email. It is our intention that parents will then be able to collect new uniform on key dates throughout the school holidays. 


P.E. Kits

Please do not bring P.E. kits into school. On P.E. these days, we ask that children come into school wearing their P.E. kits instead of their usual school uniform. Please ensure that these are appropriate to the weather e.g. jogging bottoms and a school jumper if it is cold. There will not be P.E in the first week of school so please do not worry, we will let you know P.E. days at the start of term.



As part of our move to become a cash-less school, we ask that all payments to the school are made via School Gateway unless stated otherwise for both PFA and school accounts.



Milk letters for the Autumn term will be available on the school website shortly.. Please confirm your requests via return email. This will also need to be paid for on School Gateway.

Free School Meals

We would like to remind parents again that the criteria for Free School Meal eligibility has changed again and you may now be eligible even if you previously were not. By registering for Free School Meals, the school will receive additional funding to 

support your child. 


Music Lessons

Does your child want to start or continue music lessons at school in September? Hertfordshire Music Service are still your school’s preferred provider of music lessons and we are now managing enrolment and billing. Visit for more information and details on how to enrol for lessons for piano and recorder from year 2, saxophone and clarinet from year 3.



If there are any changes to your child’s medical/ allergy history, or if you think that your child’s current medication (e.g. inhalers) may be out of date, please ensure that you inform the school office by returning the completed medical form which will be available on the school website.


Contact Details

Please ensure that your home address and contact details are up to date and that you have added an additional contact for emergencies. It is now more important than ever that we can contact parents/carers immediately and that someone is always available to collect your child promptly if they are unwell.


Behaviour Agreement Updates

Please read and discuss the following behaviour agreement updates with your child/ren before September. These updates will run alongside our usual behaviour policy.

Children will be expected to:

  • Use hand sanitiser provided before entering the classroom each day.
  • Have temperature taken on entry
  • Only bring essential items into school
  • Leave my pencil case at school
  • Bring in a water bottle every day
  • Come to school wearing P.E. kit on P.E. days
  • Not leave the classroom without permission
  • Not share resources with other children - age appropriate 
  • Respect other pupils’ feelings and wishes, especially if they want to socially distance.
  • Listen and follow adult requests, such as:
  • Wash hands when asked to
  • Socially distance from others when asked to do so
  • Sit in an allocated seat if asked to
  • If using public transport please wear face masks and use hand sanitiser before and after. Please ensure face masks are placed in a sealed bag after use.


I appreciate this is a lot of information, but due to COVID it is important that we are as thorough and as explicit as possible to ensure everyone’s safety and a smooth start to the school year. Everyone is looking forward to being back at school and welcoming the children and their families. 


Wishing you a safe and restful summer.

Yours Sincerely,


Mrs Johnston-Grant